Pafa machines

We have been designing and making spinning machines since 1962.

We currently provide the widest range of machines for fancy and chenille yarns in the world.

Thanks to our extensive experience, there are many machine configurations available for the various types of processing, some of which can be combined with each other, with collection in spindles and/or distaffs and with draft systems for long and short fibres, many of which have been patented by Pafa

Our spinning machines are suitable both for industrial production and for organisations oriented towards artisan production.

Fitted with Siemens automation and a Pafacontrol interface, Pafa machines  comply with Industry 4.0 and guarantee:

  • Integration with management software and barcode reading systems
  • The collection and management of production data and control of the set of machines
  • Remote assistance for troubleshooting, training and after-sales advice

Our products:

  • Spinning preparatory machines: roving frames and finishers
  • Spinning and twisting machines fed by both yarn and rovings for both wool and cotton fibres
  • Chenille machine

Besides the machine models listed in our catalogue, adaptations and tailored customisation are possible.

  • Machines for technical and special yarns
  • Gauze weaving machines
  • Winding machines
  • Accessories and spare parts